Schedule of examinations in certification disciplines for 2019*.



«Accounting in accordance with IFRS»

12,26 January 9,23 February 16,30 March 13,27 April 11,25 May 15,29 June 13,27    July 17,31 August 14,28 September 12,26 October 16,30 November 14,28 December

 «Taxes and taxation»

«Civil right»


The venue of the exams:

1) Astana, Turkestan str., 10, NP-52, LCD «Korkem-2»

2) Almaty, Shevchenko str., 90, BC «Karatal», 4th floor, 42 office

*in case of formation of groups and regions, the place of examinations is reported in addition by a letter to the territorial divisions of the Internal state audit Committee of the MF RK