The international bookkeeper certificate was developed for beginners in Economics, Finance, auditing, accounting and analytical or control and auditing.

Upon completion of the course you will know the rules and subtleties of most objects of accounting, the basics of management and tax accounting, methods of preparation of financial and tax reporting, it will be a necessary baggage of practical knowledge that is necessary for a modern young specialist who wants to be a professional in his field.

The legitimacy of the issued certificate can be checked by entering your registration number in the search system on the FMIS database on the website. The search result will be a confirmation of the name, surname and country.

Requirements for applicants

International bookkeeper certificate:

  • Incomplete higher education

Level 1-«Level I Certificate in Basic Bookkeeping»:

  • Training and passing the exam in the discipline

  • «Accounting for beginners» (60 hours)

Training format:

  • Daytime

  • Evening

  • At the weekend

Level 2-«Level II Certificate in Manual Bookkeeping»:

Training in three disciplines:

  • «Financial accounting» (50 hours)

  • «Management accounting» (30 hours)

  • «Taxes for beginners» (24 hours)

Successful completion of a comprehensive exam

Upon completion of training, the student receives an additional Certificate of completion of training courses from the Training center «Zerde».