Schedule for 2018 y.


Name of services City Date
1 Modern technologies, calculations and field practice of oil production and enhanced oil recovery Nur-Sultan/Almaty  — 2019 y.
2  Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On ensuring the unity of measurements» Main provisions Nur-Sultan  2019 y.
3  Metrological certification of measurement procedures. Work with inspection bodies. Measuring instruments, tanks and reservoirs Nur-Sultan/Almaty  2019 y.
4  Transportation of oil and gas Nur-Sultan  2019 y.
5  Operation of wells installation of electric submersible centrifugal pumps Nur-Sultan /Almaty  2019 y.
6  Methods to increase well productivity Nur-Sultan /Almaty  2019 y.
7  Intensification of well operation by the method of hydraulic fracturing. Reagents and technologies Nur-Sultan /Almaty  2019 y.
8  Technology and safety of drilling and blasting operations Nur-Sultan /Almaty
9  Workover of the well. The elimination of the leakage of the production string of wells.  (Repair of casing strings) (expert: Kabdulov S.Z, Ismailov A.A.) Nur-Sultan  2019 y.
10  Hydraulic fracturing. Technology, calculation, field practice and evaluation of the effectiveness of hydraulic fracturing. Methods of enhanced oil recovery and intensification of formation fluid inflow Nur-Sultan /Almaty  2019 y.
11  Export and domestic oil market. Price determination. Quota. Storage of petroleum products, the norms of natural loss Nur-Sultan /Almaty  2019 y.
12  Clarification of the new rules for the acquisition of TRU entered into force June 29, 2018. Requirements of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On Subsoil and Subsoil Use» on procurement, local content and reporting Nur-Sultan  2019 y.
13  The practice of applying the Rules for the acquisition by subsoil users and their contractors of goods, works and services used in operations for the extraction of solid minerals Nur-Sultan  2019 y.

* — dates can be adjusted as agreed with the customer.

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