1. Receiving complaints
The following information channels are provided for filing an appeal or complaint:
▶ postal address-sending information by mail to the address: 010000, Nur-Sultan, 10 Turkestan str., NP 52;
▶ e-mail-sending information in the form of electronic requests to the address: zerde-kz@mail.ru;
▶ telephone communication-call to the center’s phone line +7(717) 292 32 90

2. Registration and examination of complaints
▶ all received complaints are registered in the register of appeals;
▶ the complaint is evaluated and examined for its importance and seriousness. Responsible persons are appointed to resolve the complaint;
▶ if the issue is resolved positively, a response to the complaint is prepared.
▶ if a decision on the complaint cannot be taken immediately, the complaint is sent to the Commission for consideration, which makes a corresponding decision.
▶ the term of consideration of the complaint is 3 calendar days from the date of registration of the complaint.

3. Feedback from consumers and other stakeholders
▶ the responsible person informs the applicant about the results of the investigation and the measures is taken

4. Monitoring and analysis of complaints from consumers and other stakeholders
All complaints received are classified and systematized in nature — matters of complaints counts of complaints and data in their monitoring (number received, the number considered and recognized as valid the number of retries, the number of dead and closed) in order to highlight the systematic (re) and individual complaints to assess trends of different categories of complaints.
Based on the results of the reporting period, the responsible departments (persons) responsible for handling complaints form an analysis report that includes information:
▶ on the dynamics of the number of received written and oral requests (complaints), as well as the dynamics of change in the number of repeat calls (complaints), appeals (complaints) were considered relevant;
▶ about aspects of activity that significantly affect the company’s perception by consumers and other interested parties;
▶ about the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s services, processes, methods and personnel.