Since June 7, 2017, the Zerde Education Center is the Pearson VUE center in Astana.

All students of CIMA (Rus) training courses can take the exam in the education center «Zerde», in a comfortable and familiar situation


The CIMA certificate (Rus) consists of two exams:

  • P1 «Management of Efficiency of Operations»
  • P2 «Management of Efficiency of Business»

What is represented by examinations on obtaining the Certificate of CIMA «Management of Efficiency of Business» in Russian?

  • Examinations are held in the Pearson VUE centers;
  • 2 sessions a year – May and November;
  • A computer format (since January, 2017);
  • Duration: 90 minutes;
  • Quantity of questions: 60;
  • Only 150 points, lowest passing score – 100.

Target audience of the program of preparation to the Certificate of CIMA «Management of Efficiency of Business» in Russian:

  • (Chief) economist;
  • (Chief) accountant, deputy chief accountant;
  • Finance director, financial analyst, financial controller;
  • Head/specialist of investment department;
  • Head/planning department specialist and budgeting;
  • Head/specialist of department of internal control;
  • Head/specialist of treasury;
  • Head/specialist of department of risk management;
  • Specialists of other spheres, persons interested to become the specialists accredited by Institute of jury management accountants (CIMA).

Requirement to candidates

For registration for examinations and obtaining the Certificate of CIMA (Rus) of the requirement to experience and profile education to candidates are not shown.

Examinations and registration deadlines

Examinations of CIMA are held two times a year – in May and in November.

Examinations can be taken for the Certificate of CIMA in any sequence, however it is recommended to begin with P1 examination, having mastered knowledge, methods and abilities on the basis of which more difficult stage of preparation for P2 examination is under construction. Within one examinations it is possible to take at the same time two examinations of P1 and P2.

Since January, 2017 examinations of P1 and P2 are held in a computer format in the centers testing of Pearson VUE within 2 examinations – in May and November.

The candidates who successfully handed over papers of P1 «Management of Efficiency of Business» and P2 «Management of Efficiency of Operations» in a new format will receive the Certificate «Management of efficiency of business» and and the status of CIMA Cert PM (Rus)

Registration for qualifications and exams

Registration of students for the qualification is carried out independently on the official website of CIMA online. Upon registration, the candidate is assigned an alphanumeric code (CIMA Contact ID), after which it is necessary to register directly for the exams through the website of the examination center.

Exam Payment

Cost of registration for qualification and examinations *
Primary registration + 2 attempts of passing an examination 310 pounds
Primary registration + 1 attempt to surrender P1 240 pounds
1 attempt to surrender P2 90 pounds
The cost of additional attempts to pass exams P1 or P2 90 pounds


Pay attention * : you may attempt to take the P1 exam within 1 year, the P2 exam within 2 years of registering for or purchasing an additional attempt.

The benefits of learning CIMA (Rus) at the Zerde Education Center:

  • the accredited provider according to the Certificate of CIMA «CIMA Management of Efficiency of Business» program in Russian;
  • professional team of teachers: practices, experts, owners of the diploma of CIMA (Rus);
  • optimum combination of a lecture course and solution of tasks;
  • unique test base at course P1 in a computer format;
  • administrative support during the occupations and the help at registration;
  • the flexible system of discounts, a discount of 20% for graduates of the courses «DIPIFR» and «Professional accounting» which are going to study on full-time;
  • the certificate on professional development of the professional accountant on obligatory hours.
  • Administrative support at registration for examination in case of registration and payment of a contribution through Zerde Training center;
  • the authorized examination center Pearson VUE Authorized Test Centre.