Dear colleagues and friends!

We are pleased to inform you that the Training center «Zerde» is an authorized testing center Pearson VUE in Astana, has received the right to take the exam on the international program CIA. Today we are the only testing center in Astana, which can take this exam.

CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) is an international qualification «Certified internal auditor», which is awarded by the Institute of internal auditors (USA).

To qualify for the CIA you must pass 3 exams in the form of computer testing and meet certain requirements in the field of education and work experience. Exams can be taken in any order at any time.

Registration of candidates is carried out through the CCMS system on the IIA website or through the Institute of internal auditors of the Republic of Kazakhstan (IIA KZ).

Detailed and most current information on the qualifications and examinations is available on the Internet site IIA in the section «Certification»


Requirement to candidates:

The CIA qualification is awarded to candidates who have successfully passed the exam and meet certain requirements in the field of education and work experience. To qualify, you must:

  • have a diploma of higher education in any specialty,
  • have two years of experience in external or internal audit,
  • commit to comply with the «Code of ethics»,
  • provide written advice from your supervisor/employer or Certified internal auditor (CIA).

In this case, one year of work in the field of audit can be replaced by experience in the field of financial accounting, Finance or law, or the presence of a master’s degree or higher. Exam can be surrender and in the absence of needed experience work (for example, after the end of the HEI), which can be received after successful ceding the exam.

A candidate does not need to be a member of the Institute of internal auditors to register for the exam and obtain a CIA certificate, but membership in the Institute determines the amount of examination fees.


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