Dear DipIFR Diploma candidate!
Advantages of ACCA DipIFR training at the “Educational Centre Zerde”

ACCA training programs since 2010;
Professional team of teachers: practitioners, experts, holders of DipIFR, ACCA qualifications, etc.;
The number of academic hours of classes corresponding to the selected option;
Training material:
— Textbook on the lecture course and task book ACCA DipIFR;
— Collection of exams from previous years;
Conducting training in Nur-Sultan, Almaty and regions of the country;
Conducting full-time and distance learning;
All 160 hours are counted as advanced training for professional accountants and public auditors;
During the last two days of training, trial exams will be held with the analysis of difficult questions;
Online support for the student throughout the training and assistance in registering for the exam;
Small groups (no more than 15 people);
Constant monitoring through mini-exams;
Pre-submitted handout;
free participation in seminars «Accounting in accordance with IFRS» and short-term courses on IFRS for DipIFR diploma candidates ;
Repeated free training of candidates in case of failure to pass the exam.