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   In our Educational center, You can not only pass retraining and preparation for the exam, but also register for the DipIFR exam (Rus)

About ACCA DipIFR qualification

ACCA diploma in IFRS (ACCA DipIFR) is an IFRS qualification developed by the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA), a leading international organization involved in the development and development of IFRS.
ACCA DipIFR (ACCA DipIFR) is recognized internationally.
The exam preparation program and the exam itself are conducted in Russian.
ACCA DipIFR (ACCA DipIFR) is counted when completing the full course to obtain the ACCA professional certificate in English.

Qualification requirement

You may be eligible to take the ACCA DipIFR qualification exam if you have one of the following:
Accountant or auditor qualification;
Appropriate level of education plus 2 years of experience in accounting and audit;
3-years of experience in the field of accounting and auditing;
ACCA certificate in International Financial Reporting plus 2 years of experience in accounting or auditing.